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Premium organic Tea mixed with Fresh Whole Milk and boba. Authentic Bubble Tea.

Signature Milk Tea
A Classic. Premium Organic black tea with fresh whole milk.
Matcha Latte
Ceremonial grade Matcha paired with fresh whole milk. Creamy and Delicious
Jasmine Milk Tea
Premium Organic Jasmine Green Tea paired with fresh whole milk.
Honey Oolong Milk Tea
Employee Favorite. The Floral Notes of our Oolong Tea pair exceptionally well with honey and fresh whole milk.
Tiramisu Creama
Creamier than our regular milk teas, this drink comes topped with our house-wipped creme over our premium black tea.

You may also add Creme to any other drink for a creamier flavor!
Thai Milk Tea
Thai Tea brewed in-house paired with fresh whole milk.
Taro Milk Tea
The unique flavor of taro gives this drink a more full flavor as it is paired with fresh whole milk and black tea.
Rose Milk Tea
Choice of Black, Jasmine, or Oolong Tea paired with fresh milk infused with Rose flavor.
Mango Milk Tea
Our Premium black tea paired with mango infused fresh whole milk.

Want a different fruit flavor? Check out our extensive menu under "customized drinks"
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