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Add boba or mango jellies to your smoothie for the bubble tea experience!

Mango Smoothie
Employee Favorite!

Mango Smoothie Blended with real mango! Pairs great with mango jelly and boba.
Raspberry Blueberry Smoothie
Raspberry and blueberry blended into a delicious smoothie.
Guava Smoothie
A fruity, creamy, Guava smoothie! Pairs well with mango jelly, lychee jelly, or boba.
Taro Smoothie
taro purée and fresh whole milk blended into a delicious taro smoothie!
Coffee Oreo ShakeIt
A delicious combination of coffee, oreo, and vanilla icecream flavors all blended in one cup.
Cookies N' Cream ShakeIt
Vanilla Shakeit blended with a scoop of vanilla icecream, milk, and plenty of oreos.
Lychee Slushie
Sweet and delicious, our lychee slushy is a unique flavor worth trying.
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